A group of international press, visiting Edirne for 665th International Edirne Historical Kırkpınar Oil Wrestling Festival, paid a visit to Trakya University Complex of Sultan Bayezid II Health Museum organized by Edirne Provincial Directorate of Press and Information. During their visit, they interviewed about the history of the complex with the president of Trakya University, Prof. Dr. Yener Yörük. Among these international press, there were journalists from the USA, France, Russia, Jordan, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Azerbaijan, and Russian originated Tatar- Inform News Agency. Prof. Dr. Yener Yörük informed the press about the complex and also Edirne, which has a unique place in the Ottoman history. The kitchens in the soup kitchen section that are closed currently were opened with the permission of the president and visited by the press members.

The press were highly impressed by this visit and left the complex expressing their plans about a future visit for a documentary. 

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