The figures drawn on the wall that was uncovered during the restoration of the Complex of Sultan Bayezid II Health Museum, where patients were treated with pleasant smell, sound of water and music in 15th century, reveal about the emotional states and dreams of the patients of the period.
The director of the museum, Hakan Akıncı, has stated during his interview with a reporter from AA that both domestic and international tourists visiting Edirne do not leave the city without seeing this historical place where social state and human rights were greatly emphasized while in the same period of time, psychiatric patients were ill-treated and excluded from the society in the west. Akıncı also stated that the Complex, having been awarded with the European Museum Award by the Council of Europe in 2004, reveals the significant medical developments of the period, and the recently uncovered graphics drawn by the mental patients have attracted both domestic and international tourist a great deal.
Akıncı reported that the mental patients being treated at the complex at that time drew about their dreams on the walls with hard objects they found on the ground, and these drawings of peacocks, large and small watercrafts, ramparts, and various pictures of other kinds of living creatures drawn by the mental patients about 500 hundred years ago give us more insight into the inner world of the patients.
He emphasized that they are very concerned about the protection of these figures, and although it is attracts both domestic and international tourists a great deal, they do not allow anyone to touch the walls.
He continued that opened in 1997, the Complex of Sultan Bayezid II Health Museum has received many awards with the great support and help provided by Trakya University
He added that the current annual visitor number of 235.000 is expected to go up to 500.000 with the Complex being entered to Unesco’s Temporary World Heritage List.
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