The European Union (EU) Delegation to Turkey President Christian Berger and Ambassadors of the member states of the European Union, visited the Health Museum with their families.

During the visit to the health museum, where ambassadors from Sweden, Italy, Romania, Belgium, Bulgaria, Finland, Slovenia, Portugal, Luxembourg, Denmark, Estonia, Ireland, Spain, Latvia, Malta, the Netherlands and Croatia were present, the Head of Delegation Mr Berger said that it was very impressive since the smallpox vaccine came out of Edirne and spread to Europe. “Here we have learned how treatments were done in the past. During my visit to Kayseri, I visited Selçuklu hospital and here I’ve visited an Ottoman hospital. They are very important  because the source of many things on medicine are these places. For example, the information we received inside, the treatment of smallpox actually came out of here and spread into Europe. It is important for us to learn such things as well .

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